The Old and the New

Like how the Moon orbits around the Earth, and how carbon is formed and absorbed, many notions in our world are cyclic in nature – and that includes fashion. Like other cyclic processes, the fashion cycle moves through various stages over the course of its duration. Equivalent to how an ocean tide waxes and wanes, fashion trends peak and fall out as time changes the tastes and preferences of consumers.

There are three general stages of the fashion cycle: introduction, acceptance, and rejection. Fashion design works in seasons, so as new designs emerge, old ones eventually fade out of the spotlight. Over the decades, as technical advancement skyrocketed society’s reliance on the internet and everything it pertains, the duration of a fashion cycle has shrunk dramatically. Rather than pieces persisting to be in style for a couple of years, today’s trends are ever so fleeting, with many only lasting a few months (if not weeks) before something new catches the eyes of the eyes of fashion mongers and sweeps the old under the rug.

Our objective for this shoot was to bring back pieces that have fallen behind the fashion cycle and style them in a way that aligns with what is currently trending and popularized. Who says we can’t pair vintage Louis Vuitton necklaces with Re-Nylon bucket hats? Or that gold Chanel earrings don’t go well with Balenciaga baseball caps? There are no rules when it comes to fashion; you don’t need to go by the books because style, in its essence, is boundless. By mixing and matching the old and the new, we prove that being fashionable is not defined by how well an outfit confirms new trends but it is truly manifested through the additional appreciation and cherishing of timeless and classic pieces. So, relinquish the urge to follow the tide and trend hop clothing pieces that do not truly speak to you. Wear whatever makes you feel the most confident and representative of who you are as an individual (hint: being mindful of the pieces you purchase is how sustainable fashion is truly initiated).