Sweet Kicks!

As much as we adore pumpkin spice lattes and the beautiful hues of autumn leaves, the cloudy showers that fall brings along stands to be the bane of our existence. If you’re a sneakerhead, you’d know how anxiety-inducing it is to take a stroll outside in this season that’s full of endless rain and cloudy skies. There is nothing more heartbreaking than putting on a fresh pair of sneakers and having them stained with mud because you accidentally stepped into a puddle. Indeed, autumn tags along various dichotomies, bringing the perfect temperatures to pair your new Nike Dunks with a windbreaker while casting the most hellish downpours to fully soak them in rain. Aside from checking the weather app a minimum of two times before getting dressed for the day, we’re here to provide you with some other tips on how to keep your sweet kicks dry and clean this season.

Rule one: Prevention is key
Have you heard the phrase “prevention is better than a cure”? Well, it applies to most negative externalities in life: wrinkles, heart disease…and botched up sneakers. So, before you wear them out, the easiest way to keep your shoes from staining or wrinkling is to thoroughly coat them in protective spray. Take any shoe protector of your choice and give your sneakers a good coat, to provide a barrier between the fabric and the undeniably brutal world that’s waiting for them outside.

Rule two: Wipe, wipe, wipe it down, wipe
First, give your sneakers shake or knock them against a surface to remove any surface-level dirt. Taking a damp sponge or cloth, wipe away any marks that have not yet been stained onto your shoes. You can use a detergent specifically for shoes, or simply use water!

Rule three: Get scrubbing
After giving your sneakers an overall wipe down, it’s time to get serious. Ideally with a small toothbrush (not the one that’s currently in use!), take some of that detergent or dampen the bristles with water and gently scrub the areas that require more attention. Pay special attention to areas with suede, mesh, or cotton, as these fabrics tend to stain easily. Take your time when doing this, and be as delicate as possible, as you do not want to plant more scratches onto your shoes. Successfully accomplishing this step will definitely justify the “detail-oriented” point that you’ve written in the skills section of your resume.

Rule four: Re-lace with grace
Not re-lacing your sneakers after cleaning them is like brushing your teeth without flossing. You can either give your old laces a quick wash with detergent (if they’re white, try using bleach) or replace them with new ones. This will instantly improve the appearance of your sneakers.

Rule five: Let them chill
Ideally, the less you wear your shoes outside, the longer they’ll stay clean. If possible, try to alternate the usage of a couple different sneakers. This will (hopefully) prolong the creasing and soiling process.To remove any remaining moisture from your shoes, insert some dryer sheets to keep them looking and smelling fresh. To store them, it’s best to keep in their original boxes with the dust bags on. Make sure to stuff them with some newspaper, to help them stay dry and creaseless.

And voila! Now you’ve got yourself a pair of sweet kicks that are freshly cleaned. Just be sure to watch out for puddles.