Fashion should be more affordable and accessible. We believe fashion should not have an expiry date, and jewelry deserves a better home than in a box deep in the closet, long forgotten. We want to encourage people to bring their unused jewelry to the market, as well as try purchasing preowned jewelry. By trading preowned jewelry, you are helping to reduce waste from over consumption. In our fast-moving society, consumption has become very expendable.

         From disposable takeout boxes and cutlery to electronics. We as a society have forgotten how to repair and maintain our belongings. If a smartphone’s speaker is broken or a capacitor blew out, its time for a new phone. The same goes for our fashion items. Very solemnly do we see clothing, shoes, or jewelry being restored. If there is a blemish, its straight to the bin. Many of these items we casually toss out are quite costly to produce and can be fixed up quite easily. We end up in a situation where we are filling up landfills with valuables that took considerable time and effort to produce.

          This platform aims to breath life into these forgotten pieces and resurrect the beauty they once possessed. We partner with merchants that purchase and restore jewelry from around the world to ensure they are top quality when they reach your doorstep.

          We are currently working to provide individuals with the ability to list their products on our site and send in the product for restoration. For now, we welcome partnership inquiries from merchants that currently purchase and restore used jewelry and would like to take their business online.