Making It Last

When you think of the term “fashion”, what comes to mind? Do you picture flamboyant party dresses or avant-garde garments? Do you think of dolled-up models strutting down the catwalk and retail racks lined up with the latest ephemeral trends? Or – in the midst of the glitz and glam – do images of overfilled landfills and polluted lakes surface instead? One thing for sure, one rarely associates “fashion” with sustainability and positive environmental progression.

A form of individual self-expression and a representation of cultural and social conventionality, the concept of fashion is one that is inevitably everchanging and paradoxical. Being both a visual delineation of novel creativity and a material directory of history and culture, fashion is a phenomenon that must be receptive to rapid change and evolvement. In terms of the fashion industry, the modern age has transformed what used to be a niche and small-scale means of production into a global domain proliferated by mass-production and standardization. In turn, as fast fashion retailers continue to infiltrate the global market, short product cycles and mass consumerism have become the reality of the fashion industry in today’s busy and impatient society. As a result, the disposable and momentarily enjoyed clothing generated by such a business model has led to lasting and often irreversible ramifications on our planet.

One of our core mottos, “Make It Last”, aims to encapsulate the concepts of longevity and conscientiousness – in terms of both fashion and one’s way of living. Instead of focusing on the current imperative to “spend now, think later”, we want to encourage mindful consumption and nurture a sustainable approach towards obtaining the important things in life. Our most recent photoshoot campaign was curated with the intention of bringing this concept to life and to illustrate the beauty of the simple, yet precious, things in our lives. We focused on capturing genuine and spontaneous moments of youthful friendships and the soothing charm of the natural environment. We hope that through seeing these images, you are able to realize that fashion is not solely represented by the clothing you wear but it’s also made up of the experiences and memories you make in them.